Photos of Steve &...
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Sen. Bob Dole when he ran for President of the United States
Former British Prime Minister  
Margaret Thatcher & Dr. Tim LaHaye
Former, Attorney General John Ashcroft
Congressman JC Watts
Louis Freeh - FBI Director 1993-2001
Frm.Congressman Tom Delay*
The late Rev. Jerry Falwell
Now retired. 9 years as a Police Officer. 24 years as a bodyguard with a 100% safety record! A real-life bodyguard, before bodyguards were cool!
Margaret Thatcher
Presidential Candidate, Congressman,
Tom Tancredo
James Robison
© Steve Aiken 2006
© Steve Aiken 2006
Former President George H. Bush & Barbara
My wife Deborah meeting Mr. Dole
My wife Deborah meeting Mr. Buchanan
The whole Family met us in Philly when we had a layover
Walking in Stage before one of his many speeches.
LT. Colonel Oliver North
Rev. Billy Graham
Dr. Charles Stanley
Ambassador; Alan Keyes
Former Speaker of the House; Bob Livingston
"White Water" investigator Kenneth Starr
Actor James Sikking
Beverly LaHaye Concerned Women for America
Former Treasurer of the United States, Bay
Buchanan, State Rep. Russell
Pierce                                   with   Randy Graf
Mrs. Virginia Evers-Founder of
the Pro-Life movement and
inventor of the 10 week old feet
Arizona Candidate for Governor Don Goldwater
Nephew of the late, great, Barry Goldwater
As a Police Officer
John DeLorean maker of the DeLorean automobile, seen in the.
Back to the future movies.
Jimmy Swaggart
Singer; Steve Green
“This is one of those professions where
it  isn’t so much what you achieved as it is what you prevented”
Former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney
Ann Coulter
Congressman Matt Salmon