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"Short of losing a loved one, or
some cataclysmic event or
I cannot think of
anything worse in life than to
be falsely accused
something you did not do."
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Legally Whacked!
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If you or someone you know, has ever been hurt by a Church or Christian organization… GET THEM THIS BOOK!
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"It is fantastic"

"Really held my attention"

"Breathtaking "

"You have a real winner here"

"The glory belongs solely to our heavenly Father as you so eloquently
point out in the pages of your book."

"I appreciate anyone who says it like it is especially when it goes against
the "popular vote!"

"God is opening my eyes and convicting me through your book."

"I appreciate it when someone hits the truth as hard as this book does."
"If you have ever been
through a dramatic
experience that caused you to
lose faith, seemed to ruin
your life,
shattered your
religious beliefs,
or kept you
from fellowship with others,
this book is for you."
Review of There Will Be No Rescue; by Linda Strawn:
"Steve’s book; There Will Be No Rescue; should be part
of every Christian’s arsenal. He candidly speaks about his
past and how God lifted him out of the mire his pride put
him in. He gently reminds us that no matter how bad we
think we have it, it could be worse, but more importantly,
there is hope. Mr. Aiken calls upon his impressive life
history to illustrate mankind’s need for God and calls all
Christians to wake up, to forgive, and to get involved. Mr.
Aiken’s book will cause you to take a second look at the
state of our great nation. We, as Christians, need to
unceasingly pray for our leaders, support our troops, and
stand up for what we believe in. Tolerance of evil and
complacency is not the answer. Keeping God the center of
our lives, our family unit, and our country is our only
solution. I highly recommend this book to anyone who
needs a spiritual booster shot. It will open your eyes!"
Reviewed by Linda Strawn, author.
Written to help the Christian who has been hurt or wounded in a
church or Christian organization, this is my fourth book: There Will Be
No Rescue. Allow me to clarify. My first three writings were more like
booklets. A children’s book that I co-wrote, a booklet to help parents
struggling with rebellious teenagers, and finally an expose of a religious
cult being taught in public schools. As a former police officer,
bodyguard, D.C. lobbyist, and radio talk show host, I tell the story of
my life with a self-help approach I hope, will encourage the reader.
From the pinnacle of success to absolute ruin and public scorn; from
breaking my neck to coming back later and winning a state racquetball
championship; and from running the most heated congressional
campaign in the country to losing almost everything in our lives again,
my wife and I hold nothing back in sharing the biblical life lessons we
have learned.
"I attacked issues like gay-
“rights,” out of control
government bureaucracy,
and, of course, illegal
immigration. I stood up
for the “little-guy,” gun
rights, and lower taxes!"
“Those of you who know anything
about the Mafia, or have ever
watched The Godfather, or The
Sopranos, know the term
“whacked” means to be
assassinated. Figuratively
speaking, that happened to me on
Friday, June 16, 2006 the day I
was legally whacked for my work
in politics.”
"We were also getting ready to advertise
Congressman Kolbe’s membership in
the Council on Foreign Relations (the
CFR) which had just put out a press
release calling for no more borders
between Mexico, the United States, and
Canada by the year 2010. Kolbe knew
he was not going to beat Randy Graf
saw his "empire crumbling, it was my
honor to help him leave office!